Piano Riffs or Licks

Piano riffs or licks are musical ideas or phrases that are used in improvisation. Did you know that some of the best jazz compositions came from a simple riff or improvised line? Jazz tunes like "So What" by Miles Davis, "Watermelon Man" by Herbie Hancock, "Donna Lee" by Charlie Parker just to name a few (there are a lot more!). So, to help you in your jazz improvisation, I have included in this free piano lessons, some piano licks or riffs to complement the piano chords that you are learning. These are all in the key of C. Try to learn them in 12 tonal centers. 

Piano Riff 1 mp3
Piano Riff 2 mp3
Piano Riff 3 mp3
Piano Riff 4 mp3
Piano Riff 5 mp3
Piano Riff 6 mp3
Piano Riff 7 mp3
Piano Riff 8 mp3
Piano Riff 9
Piano Riff 10